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Rules and Regulations for Online Casinos

There are many official rules on each of the online casinos websites, but they cannot all be listed here. Please don’t forget to check out each and every website’s rules and regulations pages before you play. Why? Because you may get a disquieting surprise that you weren’t expecting.

However, I have listed an online casino etiquette; a kind of expectation for players who want to play online casinos – please adhere to each and every one of these when playing online.

• Be considerate to your fellow players! Keep the flow of the room/site by acting and speaking in the way you would want to be treated/spoken to yourself. They are here to have fun and make money the same as you are. How would you feel if someone was name calling, taking forever or simply having a laugh and messing up the game? I’m sure you wouldn’t like it.
• Rules! Always know the rules of the particular game you’re playing, why play the game  if you don’t understand it in the first place? This is very easy because online casinos usually offer a tutorial, or a few pages on how to play the games they have. If you’re in a game and someone doesn’t understand the rules, then it can get quite frustrating having to walk them through it, especially when you joined in to have a real game with experienced players.
• Again, BE NICE TO YOUR FELLOW PLAYERS. It’s always worth repeating, because -as they say- repetition drives home the point. There’s no point in being an idiot just because it’s online and you think they’re not going to find you; when you want to play seriously and someone does the same to you, how would you feel?
• Don’t spam. The chat feature is a great tool, if used in moderation. It gets boring and distracting if you’re giving a running commentary of the game. If someone doesn’t want a lot of conversation, respect them – the same as if you don’t want it, you would expect them to be quiet. Another quick tip is to never use CAPITAL LETTERS (or having the caps lock key pressed) – this (everywhere on the web) is frowned upon, and it gives people the impression you’re shouting, when in fact you may prefer the look of it or simply be excited – wrong impressions are easily misunderstood on the web.
• Keep up with the game, don’t be riding the slow coach! Nothing is more irritating for a pro or a newbie than a player who takes forever for no apparent reason – if you don’t have the time to concentrate then don’t play. If you’re an experienced player and there’s a newbie or a slow player, bad internet or not, it gets immensely frustrating. If it’s purely because of your internet connection ask them if they can put up with it, if they can’t then be kind and find another game which either runs faster or has more considerate players.
• If you spot a cheater, or someone that is not acting in a responsible and respectable manner – REPORT THEM. It’s in everyone’s best interests.
• Remember, these there are rules, and respect them at all times.